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~Alternative Therapy for Horses~

Massage Therapy
The Masterson Method

I am in the business to make horses feel better, be it emotional or physical. All horses of every breed, age and riding discipline can benefit from bodywork . There are many great modalities offered these days in the world of equine and I am fortunate to offer a few of them.

Massage therapy isn't just good for the muscles and the immune system, but it also shows your horse that "touch" can be a good thing. 50 % of the horses that I see are emotionally guarded for one reason or another, the other half have physical issues that need to be resolved.  What a lot of people don't realize is that an emotional issue if left unresolved, can turn into something very physical and start to hinder your horse's performance and their attitude. I find that many horses that have been dubbed cranky or difficult are simply in pain and uncomfortable. Their actions or lack there of is their only means to communicate to you , that they don't feel good. Owners are amazed at how willing their horses are to do the tasks asked of them, once they feel good again.

Massage is good for removing adhesions, breaking up tissue, bringing fresh blood and nutrients to the areas that are depleted and achy. It also moves the lymphatic fluid around the body and that helps the immune system, because lymphatic fluid carries the white blood cells that fight off disease.  It helps to rid the body of toxins and waste that is being stored. The body continuously leaks toxins into the blood stream. When massage is applied, a large amount of toxins is dumped into the body and squeezed out from the interstitial spaces that are in between the cells, in large amounts, all at once. This is why the body feels achy and sore afterward and drinking lots of water helps to flush this toxic overload out a lot faster.

Horses are extremely sensitive animals. They store pain and stress as not to show weakness , until it becomes something they can no longer hide. It is built right into their genes to store stress, as this is what they do when in the wild, to save themselves from predators and to not appear weak.  This  stored stress , be it emotional or physical can come out in a variety of ways once it has become intolerable and that is when a horse no longer performs well or their attitude has changed.

You can use the benefits of massage and acupressure for maintenance to keep ahead of the stress before it becomes an issue. It can also be used once a problem has started  and to help retrain the body into going back to a healthy state again. It can create a bond and a deeper confidence with horses that have emotional issues and works excellent when applied in conjunction with Chiropractic care. When the muscles are loose, a horse is easier to adjust and will hold their adjustment longer. Think of  the muscles like a rubber band and how they can snap back out of place again if things are tight. The three modalities that I offer, work very well together and are applied as one bodywork session.

Please visit my equine bodywork page to read more about the types of methods that I offer. 
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