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Servicing the Denver Metro area, Parker, Littleton , Evergreen, Boulder
and Loveland areas of Colorado.

I am in the business to make horses feel better, be it emotional or physical. All horses of every breed, age and riding discipline can benefit from bodywork . There are many great modalities offered these days in the world of equine and I am fortunate to offer a few of them. Horses are extremely sensitive animals. They store pain and stress as not to show weakness , until it becomes something they can no longer hide. It is built right into their genes to store stress, as this is what they do when in the wild to save themselves from predators and not to appear weak.  Stress that has been stored over a period of time, be it emotional or physical, can come out in a variety of ways .  When it becomes no longer tolerable for your horse,  you will see a difference in your horse's performance and attitude. The horses that have become "difficult" are often not feeling well and they are trying to tell you in the only way they can.   The benefits of  bodywork are used for maintaining your horses health, by keeping ahead of stress before it becomes an issue and is also used once a problem has started and performance is hindered. It will help to alleviate symptoms and retrains the body to return to a healthy state again. And is especially effective with chronic issues, that don't seem to go away.  

The bodywork that I offer can break up adhesions and free up connective tissue. It also helps to bring fresh blood and nutrients to the muscles and removes tension from the joints.  Bodywork will create a better human/animal bond and a build a deeper confidence with horses that have emotional issues and help them learn that touch can be a good thing.  It works excellent when applied in conjunction with Chiropractic care. When the muscles are loose, a horse is easier to adjust and will hold their adjustment longer. Think of  the muscles like a rubber band and how they can snap back out of place again if things are tight. The three modalities that I offer, work very well together and are applied as one bodywork session.

Please visit the bodywork page to read more about the types of methods that I offer.
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