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~alternative therapy for emotionally damaged and physically challenged horses~

Massage Therapy/Acupressure
The Masterson Method
Feel and Release coaching for ground work and lead handling

Servicing the Denver Metro area  and
the surrounding cities to the east, west, north & south.

I am in the business to make horses feel better, be it emotional or physical. All horses of every breed, age and riding discipline can benefit from bodywork . Horses are extremely sensitive animals and store pain and stress until it becomes something they can no longer hide.  Stress that has been stored over a period of time, be it emotional or physical, can come out in a variety of ways and you may notice a difference in your horse's performance and attitude. They often become difficult and this means they are not feeling well  and they are trying to tell you in the only way they can. Symptoms can be bucking, biting, holding their head up high, not wanting their feet picked up, not wanting to flex at the poll or neck and not allowing certain areas of their hindquarters touched and spookiness.

Bodywork can create a better human/animal bond and a build a deeper confidence with emotionally damaged horses and show them that human touch can be a positive thing and help build their confidence.  
The benefits of  bodywork can be used to maintain your horses health and keep ahead of stored stress and tightness before it becomes a real issue. It can also be used to help chronic issues and works beautifully with chiropractic, as it assists in keeping the muscles loose, which makes the adjusting easier and helps the body to hold the adjustment longer.  

In addition, proper handling of your horses on the ground, when leading or working with them at all from a ground level can make a big difference on your horse's attitude and performance. Poor ground handling and manners carries over to the saddle and is overlooked by most equine people. Feel and Release coaching can assist with these issues with obvious results very quickly. If your horse, shoulders into you, crowds you when leading, moves their body over and pushes in to yours as though you are not there, steps on your feet, pulls away when you lead, or becomes stuck when leading and will not move out freely and easily, and are difficult to bridal or touch the head at all, then ground handling coaching can help you and your horse.

Please visit the bodywork page to read more about the methods that I offer.

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