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The Masterson Method

The Natural training approach to equine behavior has highlighted many new things about horses and their innate behaviors and instincts. One of those behaviors is that horses will store pain and stress in their bodies, learning to block pain out mentally, as not to show signs of weakness. Both domestic horses and their wild ancestors are as inclined to do this for as long as they can, because horses are prey animals and weakness can often mean death in the wild. Domestic horses will avoid showing weakness even in the comfort of their own backyard or barn. Often when a horse starts to favor a limb, or leg and neck flexion has been compromised, the pain has been stored there for a very long time and has now reached an intolerable level. When this happens, attention is needed for these areas immediately. What most people don't know is that early intervention and using alternative methods such The Masterson Method or Massage Therapy can help prevent performance and attitude issues, as well as treating chronic conditions. These methods keep tissue, limbs and muscles as healthy as possible and can eliminate pain early on before it starts to store itself, one issue on top of another. 

The premise of alternative therapy is the body has the capacity to heal itself, if given the chance and the right direction. As with any medicine or therapy it is important that the horse owner is patient and allows the proper amount of time and sessions to get things in working order again. The longer the problem has existed, the more therapy is needed. Think of it this way, your doctor never prescribes just one day of antibiotics for you, or is physical therapy done just once, these things can take time if you are tackling a chronic issue. Using alternative therapy as a preventative treatment and staying ahead of the problem, would require less sessions and often times on an as needed basis. Realistically what the horse owner should be looking for when using any kind of alternative therapy is an
 improvement If your horse shows an improvement of any kind, in attitude or performance after one session, then you know you are on the right track to having a happier and healthier horse.

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